The “STAR” Candidate Marketing Program

The SPECIAL TALENT AVAILABLE & READY (STAR) is an advanced form of talent management. 

At Ridgeback, we do something with a very select group of people each year where we reverse the Recruiting process and market STAR candidates to organizations that will provide great opportunities.
Instead of waiting for an opportunity to open that fits your background we go and find companies that would want to create an opening for someone with your background.

          o This program costs you ABSOLUTELY NOTHING – we never charge for this.

          o What we like to do is simply find out more about the type of position you’d really like to have next and then help you find it.

          o Is this something you’d be interested in?

If so, our research team will meet so they can do some work on compiling a list of companies in your target that fit your profileo When they are done, we will discuss the approach with you to make sure we are properly representing your interests.

          o Once we have that agreed upon list, we’ll start making very confidential calls to see who’s interested.

          o What we will also do is put together a “blind” profile that I will share with target companies when they show an interest.
          o And then we’ll just go from there – sound like a good place to start?

Why Should You Consider This? :

          o Your Employer will NOT manage your career

          o They want you to stay put

          o Beware of “Title” only promotions

          o You’re a “senior” (insert title here)

The STAR program provides you the following:

          o Always on the lookout for what you want

          o We are your professional friend-of-a-friend

          o More Valuable than Aaron Rodgers to NFL
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