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In a nutshell, Ridgeback Business Solutions provides key business solutions which become the solutions for so many business challenges. We help build great teams, we recruit highly skilled military veterans and drive revenue higher through focused marketing efforts.

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Ridgeback Provides Affordable Recruiting Solutions – 
RECRUITING is what we do. In our Recruiting Practice Area, we locate and recruit, the best and brightest, from our client’s competition. At Ridgeback Recruiting Solutions, your Business is our Passion.

We also recruit military veterans. America’s military veterans bring outstanding skills and traits to the workforce after they leave the military. We help organizations identify, locate and hire the right veteran to meet the needs of their organization. IT, Communications, Doctor, Nurse, Air Traffic Controller, and Cybersecurity are just a few of the hundreds of skills veterans depart the military with.

Ridgeback Specializes in Military Veteran Recruiting – Honor, Integrity, Loyalty, Commitment. These are traits displayed by a certain type of employee, and as all good executives know, having a successful business really comes down to having people with the right values and skills in the organization and can be built through Military Veteran Recruiting and Development.

Military Veteran Recruiting allows industry leaders depend upon and where you can find professionals who are:

✔ Experienced, positive leaders
✔ Well trained and qualified in their jobs
✔ Practice core values which provides vision, shapes the culture, and reflects what the organization stands for
✔ A company that’s affordable in finding and recruiting these professionals


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