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– At Ridgeback – We help “Build Great Teams” –

Recruiting your competitions “Top Talent” is our passion.

Everyone knows that great teams always have great leadership and at Ridgeback, identifying and recruiting your competitors top talent is our passion.

So many say “BUILDING GREAT TEAMS” is what we do best. In our Recruiting Practice Area, we locate and recruit, the best and brightest, from our client’s competition. At Ridgeback, this is our Passion.

Ridgeback’s Recruiting Solutions practice is one of the most passionate and effective Executive Search Recruitment firms you’ll find. Some call it Talent Acquisition but others have called us the “Talent Hunters” because we’re known to find the “Rockstar Talent” it takes to build great teams. We will go to your competitors, get their best talent, and bring them to you.

Many say We Follow the “Best Recruiting Practice”

We conduct private searches for industry leaders by building great recruiting strategies and following sound recruiting practices. Confidentiality while exercising the talent acquisition strategy is paramount when recruiting for premier industry leaders and we take pride in recruiting dependable talent for companies who fully appreciate the value of top talent. When engaged in an ongoing search recruiting qualified executives, our goal is to ensure the successful matching of quality leaders with industry-leading employment opportunities. Our search recruiting practice is oriented towards the need of our clients and take great pride in our ability to get these candidates from competing companies. We help organizations that are growing in size, those that need to “muscle build” their leadership team, those looking to build depth in their junior leaders for the future through the development of a leadership development program and more. Call us today so we can help with your executive search recruiting needs.

So, how does our Recruiting Practice conduct Talent Acquisition?
We conduct an intensive executive search to find top industry talent that just so happens to have a prior military background. We then screen them to make sure they can suit your industry requirements. Our chief goal is client satisfaction.

In fact, we have so much confidence in our executive recruiting practice that we guarantee our results. If you are not satisfied during the initial start-up period of a contract or full-time employee, that candidate will be replaced.

Our Recruiting Process is broken down
into three phases


Our process ensures that we deliver candidates able to make an immediate, positive impact on your business. It begins with a thorough identification of the clients needs at hand.

  • Our Account Executive will consult with our client to identify their needs, and special details and will then develop a resource requirement
  • Our Account Executive will then brief the team on the requirement and will tailor the search criteria
  • The resource requirement will outline the details for the position, location requests, skill set, technical requirements etc…
  • Once the resource requirement is completed, we will hold a “kick-off” meeting with the client recruiters and hiring managers to ensure everyone fully understands and agrees to the requirement
  • The team will then begin researching and resourcing possible candidates

Our team of recruiters are well prepared to begin the screening process. Careful, detailed screening ensures a candidate fit.

  • Candidates sourced, screened, interviewed and selected by the recruiters
  • The Account Executive performs a second level of screening for confirmation

Qualified candidates are presented to the client to interview and the client will provide feedback to account exec.

  • Our Account Executive will extend the offer to the candidate as well as inform those that were not selected.
  • Your new employee begins and the Account Executive will conduct regular follow up to ensued things are going smoothly.

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