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Ridgeback’s Leadership Consulting Service

Every good leader is able to identify when their organization isn’t firing on all cylinders and those who contact us because of our Leadership Practice area benefit the most. The really good leaders know the importance of continued leadership development in order to continually improve performance and profitability.


Leadership Consulting comes in many forms but the goal is always to help the organization “Achieve New Heights”. Ridgeback Business Solutions can work directly with company executives, department heads or other key people to help the organization improve productivity and profitability. Some of the major area’s our Leadership Practice Area focuses on are listed below.

– Leadership Advisory and Development

There is a difference between leadership consulting and professional business coaching. While consultants are paid to come up with answers, coaches are paid to assist desirous students to discover and negotiate their way forward.

At Ridgeback Business Solutions, we help leaders who are focused on their organizations future and wanting to improve its performance. However, the fastest way for an organization to improve is by focusing on the leadership team as well as its future leaders through both leadership consulting and development. We will assist you in conducting your own internal review, identifying your goals and objectives for the future and help establish a path toward success. Our core areas in helping leaders and their organizations grow focuses on Leadership Development,  Business Process Management, and 21st Century Marketing Consulting.

 – Leadership Development

We look at Leadership Development as the core of our Leadership Consulting practice but think it can also be a stand-alone service. We believe CEO’s should learn from the great industry leaders. Companies like General Electric, Johnson and Johnson, Heidrick & Struggles, and many other of the world’s top firms are known for the identification of their future talent and leadership development of that talent to ensure the organization’s long-term success. There is a direct correlation between having properly developed leaders in the right places and an organization’s long-term success.

– Business Systems and Processes

We work closely with organizational leaders in Business Process Management  (also known as BPM). It is a systematic approach to improving an organizations operations by properly aligning and improving the workflow of that organization. Doing so enables that organization to improve its efficiency and ultimate profitability by properly leveraging, people, processes, and technology. Don’t keep doing things the way you’ve been doing them. Remove waste, improve efficiency and increase your organization’s profitability.

– 21st Century Marketing

Most business owners and corporate executives who went to college before the year 2000 received a good dose of what marketing entailed back then. Television ads, ads in newspapers and magazines, billboards etc.. Well, some of those marketing mediums may still work but are you or is your business up to speed with 21st-century marketing techniques?

  • Most business leaders know what SMM & SEO means and how important it is to their business? But what about the power of video marketing and other elements that are coming online through what’s known as “Digital Transformation” that enhances customer engagement through chat messaging, online reviews, etc…
  • According to the McKinsey Global Institute’s Industry Digitization Index, Europe is currently operating at 12% of its digital potential, while the USA is operating at 18%. How about your organization?
  • Also, are you aware Google will now rank mobile platforms higher than desktop websites?

If you’re not up on these trends than your business is vulnerable to those competitors who are.

No matter what the issue, Ridgeback can help.

Contact us now to learn how we can help your organization stay relevant and ”Achieve New Heights”.

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