Ridgeback Recruiting - A Family Owned Business Crafting the Future of Recruitment

At the heart of Ridgeback Business Solutions lies a story of dedication, service, and unparalleled commitment. Our journey, rooted in the values of integrity, trust, service, and commitment, began with our Founder and CEO, Tom Daly.

Tom’s first brush with the recruitment world started early; on the candidate side of the desk when he joined the US Air Force right out of high school. It was in the Air Force where Tom grasped the importance of an education, prompting him to begin taking night classes while still on active duty. Upon completing his four-year commitment with the Air Force, Tom then attended the State University of New York at Cortland. Alongside his studies, he was a linebacker on the football team where he built friendships that have lasted for 40 years as the old teammates still get together today.

Graduation saw Tom take another pivotal step – he was commissioned into the United States Marine Corps and over the course of 20 years, Tom has worn many hats. Tom served as an infantry officer, reconnaissance officer, operations instructor, and officer recruiter. But beneath these titles, Tom was and still is a leader, always ready to achieve the mission at hand, always excelling. His military journey, spanning multiple decades, instilled in him core values that would later form the backbone of Ridgeback Business Solutions.

Established in the bustling heart of Midtown Manhattan in 2016, Ridgeback initially offered multiple services besides recruiting – which included consulting, project management, and marketing. However, Tom realized the need for top-tier talent was so important, he refocused Ridgeback’s mission in 2022, giving birth to Ridgeback Recruiting.

Ridgeback Recruiting isn’t just another recruiting service. We are generalists, a rare breed in the recruiting world. Our expertise and success spans across a wide array of domains – which includes but not limited to – from software developers/engineers, to tax, audit, and accounting professionals. Our success stories also include placements in roles such as project managers, payroll clerks, HR partners and managers, and even a couple of digital marketers to name a few.

Our client-centric approach is our hallmark. We craft tailor-made recruiting solutions that address the unique needs of our clients without straining their budgets. One testament to our unmatched efficiency and value-driven approach is how one client saved hundreds of thousands of dollars while hiring over 50 candidates through Ridgeback!

While 2016 may mark the establishment of Ridgeback, 2022 marked another milestone year for us as well. It was the year Tom’s daughter, Maggie Wolgamot, joined the ranks as a recruiter. A graduate of Purdue University with a solid track record in recruiting, Maggie added a new dimension to Ridgeback. Now a Partner and serving as the VP of Operations, Maggie, together with Tom, envision a brighter, more efficient future for recruitment.

Join us as we redefine recruitment, infusing it with integrity, passion, and unparalleled expertise. Ridgeback is more than just a company; it’s a legacy.

Our Core Values

Ridgeback is Process-oriented & Has a Deep Talent Pool

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