Managing like a Coach

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  • October 11, 2018
  • Leadership
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Oftentimes, Managers treat employees with more suspicion than supportiveness.

Frustration comes easily in a position of power, especially when a Manager feels out of a control.

But what would happen if every Manager believed in their employees like coaches do their athletes?

In particular, the underdogs.

Managing people and coaching them should share many similarities when seeking success. No matter if it is in an office or on a field, getting someone to perform at their peak takes more than simply assigning duties.

Transferrable traits include:

  1. Bringing people into a supportive, structured system. Organization and commitment to your employees parallel to that of a Coach. Sometimes rain is enough for a plant to grow on its own, but a nurturing environment and gardener gets it that much stronger.
  2. Allows Openness with Accountability. A well-known duty of managers and coaches is accountability. But if accountability exists in an environment without vulnerability, it can become hostile. Allowing employees to be open about ideas, their struggles, and their processes gives a more supportive environment to foster accountability, without the hostility.
  3. Encourages and Inspires. Blockbuster hits always include a strong coach who motivates an athlete to overcome an obstacle and accomplish their dream. The same view should be taken into management. If you aren’t encouraging your employees to be the best version of themselves, then don’t expect exceptional outcomes. Despite “Inspires others” not being listed as a job duty, it can play a vital role in someone’s work performance.
  4. Evaluate the Struggles. After a poor performance, great Coaches don’t let the event go undiscussed. Seeking growth is a part of evolving to become better– in any realm. Don’t write off an employee because they encountered difficulties. Sit down with them and figure out a way they can get back to the top of their game.
  5. Challenging Perspectives. Great coaches don’t simply give workouts and expect excellence. They help their athletes endure and overcome mental roadblocks. Challenging employees to alter their perspectives on a project or their attitude in a group environment is vital to the success of the team.

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