Veteran Partner Development

Ridgeback Business Solutions has established the Partner Development Program (PDP) in order to assist junior US military veterans with their entry into the business world while also providing a valuable service to clients through a well supervised systematic environment. This program affords junior veterans with a bachelor’s degree an opportunity to learn a lucrative trade and work their way into partnership/ownership position with other veterans who have similar drive, energy and work ethic.

The Ridgeback Partner Development Program (PDP) is a multi phase program that teaches its members

The intent and desired end state of the PDP program is for the member to provide a superior service to organizations who need assistance finding and recruiting the top talent they seek.

Why a Veteran Partner Development Program

The Backstory

  • In the Spring of 1975, Tom enlisted in the Air Force as a Site Developer (primarily surveying and drafting duties) and learned the importance of an education. Tom was also very fortunate to work for some great leaders who were big believers and practitioners of leadership development. Tom soon began taking his future more serious and began alternating semesters at night by either working off base or attending a local college.
  • After completing his Air Force service in 1979, Tom enrolled in college, joined the Marine Corps’ Platoon Leaders Class (PLC), and earned a Marine commission in the Spring of 1983. Like the Air Force, the Marine Corps has developed a Leadership Development philosophy and program that few can rival. Tom’s journey throughout his time in the military brought him in contact with many fine patriots who had not yet learned the importance of an education but had tremendous potential to do great things after they left service.
  • It is with these patriotic Americans in mind, that Ridgeback Business Solutions has formed the Partner Development Program (PDP) – a 5-year program that will serve as a development program for recently transitioned veterans who have attained their college degree and who are also interested in ultimately being a business owner in a lucrative industry.