The “Marketing Matrix”

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  • January 31, 2020
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A Marketing plan – or in this case Marketing Matrix – is important because many business owners skip the important step of writing a basic marketing plan. And for those that do, many are too busy to update it.

It’s for those owners with this in mind that we came up with the one page Marketing Matrix.

Why have a Marketing Matrix?

Because creating an excellent product/service is just part of the journey; making the customer aware, sparking their interest, purchasing the product or service, and retaining that customer, is the other part of the journey.

A One Page Marketing Matrix

You can only achieve consistent success through proper marketing. For your business to succeed, you’ll have to develop a winning strategy that can then be executed according to the plan.

The plan is where all the tasks, activities, timelines, will be stated. And, it’s also where you’ll identify how you’ll measure the success of your marketing efforts. We also call it SMART Marketing.

The Benefits of a Marketing Matrix include:

  • Provides an opportunity to assess, collaborate, and focus
  • Provides a structure to follow
  • Provides an opportunity to identify what customers want in a product or service
  • Allows you to study your competition and learn what works and what doesn’t
  • Provides your “roadmap” of efforts.
  • Provides consistency and efficiency of efforts and budget
  • Provides a means for tracking
  • Will identify the needs of customers
  • Provides a better chance of success

What Makes a Successful Marketing Plan or Matrix?

For any marketing plan to effective (especially a marketing matrix) it has to meet some criteria.

  • Clarity– A marketing plan should be clear and straight to the point. Everybody interacting with it should understand it. Avoid marketing jargon when coming up with the plan.
  • Data-oriented– Every objective should be measurable. Data provides a basis for all decisions that are to be taken within the marketing plan.
  • Focused– “Capabilities Tell – Benefits Sell” – The marketing plan should clearly state what should be done or avoided. Additionally, the marketing plan should focus on the benefits of the product or service and not just capabilities as it’s the benefits (solutions) that sell.
  • Realistic– Objectives set should be attainable.

Click here to look at a draft copy of one marketing matrix.

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