FEMA – Quietly Serving

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) is heard in the news almost on a daily basis. Yet, the general public doesn’t have a true understanding of just how busy they are and how many disasters are open.

Because of the work I’ve done over the years assisting communities respond and or recover from a disaster, I like to keep an eye on whats happening around the country. Because of that interest, I subscribe to the FEMA Daily Op’s Brief and keep an eye on what threats are out there as well as what recoveries are still underway.

Below, you can see at a glance just how busy FEMA is and how many disaster recoveries are currently underway.

FEMA Common Operating Picture

Because of my past experience in emergency management, my company recruits for industry leaders and are always looking for top talent in the world of FEMA Public Assistance (FEMA PA), Emergency Preparedness Specialists (planning, training, exercise) and Mitigation Specialists. If you have the experience and have an interest in working with a market leader, then check out the openings on our Featured Jobs page.

A few positions incude:

Sr Project Manager – Public Assistance
We are seeking an experienced and highly qualified, emergency management professionals, to serve with our client as Senior Project Managers for Public Assistance. The ideal candidate will be a dynamic team leader with a solid understanding of comprehensive emergency management activities to include disaster recovery, and be capable of managing multiple tasks with demanding deadlines. This person will bring extensive project management experience for federal, state, and/or local emergency management contracts. Candidates must demonstrate a …..

Emergency Preparedness Specialists
We are seeking experienced Emergency Management Preparedness Specialists for our client who is a leader and provider of services within the Emergency Management industry. The successful applicant will be well experienced in taking a comprehensive approach to Preparedness with broad experience in Planning Training, and Exercises. They must also be well experienced following the five step Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (THIRA) process as outlined in FEMA’s Comprehensive Preparedness Guide (CPG) 201.

Our clients Emergency Preparedness Specialists become essential members of State/local emergency management teams and are responsible for a …..

Mitigation Specialists
We are seeking multiple Mitigation professionals to deploy at a client site and assist the government entity in their mitigation efforts. These efforts are part of a progressive mitigation and resiliency practice which supports government and private sector clients. The ideal candidate will be a dynamic mitigation professional with a solid understanding of both 404 and 406 mitigation programs. Candidates should be experienced in working directly with clients, establishing and meeting corporate goals, and managing multiple staff and projects. Subject matter expertise in hazard mitigation and emerging trends in resiliency

Also, you can subscribe here if you have an interest in subscribing to the FEMA Daily Op’s Brief.

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