Ambitious Vet Podcast

Recently, our CEO Tom Daly, was invited to speak on the Ambitious Vet Podcast. It was a great opportunity for Tom to speak on what he learned in 20 years of military service (4 years Air Force enlisted and 16 years as a Marine officer) in addition to the 20+ years of business experience he has had since.

Tom Daly on The Ambitious Vet Podcast

Below are the comments listed by the Ambitious Vet Podcast

Intro – How do we leverage the tools that were ingrained in us to win wars, once we lose the rank, uniform, and military prestige? After 19 years in the Marine Corps on the cusp of being promoted to Lt. Col. Tom had to make a decision, luckily he knew how to leverage the tools and resources gained while serving to create economic value in the marketplace that would come to be Ridgeback Business Solutions. Ready to see the resources and tools you didn’t even knew where right in front of you, that make the biggest difference in assessing, deciding, and acting in life after the uniform? Check this episode out! 

You can listen to the interview here

Once the Ambitious Vet Podcast. interview starts: 

0-3 minutes: A person fact about Tom that very little people know. 

3-7 minutes: How he made the decision to walk away from a future of prestige in being a Lt. Col. and step into the civilian sector as a president of a company. 

7-9:15 minutes: How to know when to leverage knowledge in making tough decisions. 

9:15- 15 minutes: MCDP 1- “Marine Corps Warfighting” Philosophies and how Tom has leveraged tools like this to win in his new battlefield. 

15- 21 minutes: How Ridgeback Business Solutions came to be after his endless quest on doing things better. 

Ambitious Vet Podcast GoldenGrenades: 

1) Will power 2) Preparation 3) Cashflow 

25- End: How to find Tom Daly Connect with Tom here:

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