Building a Good Leadership Team

Can you handle the truth? As a business owner, executive leader or a member of your organization’s senior management and if you were to take a look at your leadership team, would you say it’s in the top 10% when compared against all your competitors? If not, then why not? Are you and/or your organization complacent? Do you not have an active leadership development program? Again, if not, then why not?

Everyone says they know the importance of strong, experienced leadership at the helm of an organization, but not many actually pursue the acquisition / development of a top notch leadership team. Some companies make it on the scene because of their new technology or product but it’s truly the great ones who stay there because of their undying pursuit of great leaders.  Take General Electric for example, Jack Welch. During his time as CEO at GE, the company’s value grew 4000%! Now that is making an impact. How did he do that? Well, he went out and found and developed the best leadership out there and one of the secrets of his success was the hiring and development of military veterans.

To learn more about what Jack Welch saw in military veterans (like other company greats like Johnson and Johnson, Bank of America and Citi Group to name a few) click here.

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