Work Remote ? – The Workers Say Yes

As someone who runs a recruiting company, I interview roughly 6-10 candidates a day and my recruiters do at least the same. What we are hearing is really not surprising, candidates are telling their companies that things have changed and the way ahead is to work remote.

In fact, just release and article that reinforces what we’re seeing – “Give Me Remote Work or Give Me Another Job”

A short paragraph from the article tells it all;

“The respondents overwhelmingly felt like work from home productivity levels were great. While 47% saw an increase in productivity, 41% felt like nothing changed for them. Leaders need to consider what’s behind the productivity feelings – and measure that. Or take a deep dive into what caused productivity issues for the 12% who said life was worse at home. A key ingredient in work from home support is flexibility and work-life balance.  Close on those heals – especially in the DC Metro area is that commute time has major impacts on quality of life. Less commuting means more time spent with the family or catching up on sleep.”

Granted, for those who have security clearances, there might be some challenges to work remote but with over half of the 56,000 respondents saying that they want regular telework to be part of their future schedule, leaders have a clear answer on what the employees want.