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Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

A Requirement to Great Leadership A common saying is that “there is no emotion in business”. However, emotional intelligence separates average professionals from those with great leadership skills. Business Insider, along with exceptional business professionals, reports that leaders with high emotional intelligence communicate better, create understanding in the workplace, and help achieve common goals. Empathizing with employees and coworkers while maintaining a calm demeanor can help address conflicts before they intensify. [caption id="attachment_926" align="aligncenter" width="362"] Developing leadership skills starts with your emotional...

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Hiring for an Effective Company Culture

Hiring to Make the Right Culture Many elements contribute to a strong company culture. If hiring and retaining ideal employees was easy, then there would never be turnover or office miscommunications. Hopefully, these tips can help you generate the company culture you seek. Correctly Posting the Job Opening When a job opens, we often copy and paste the job description that has been used year after year, slap it on and move on with your day. Beta Gamma Sigma’s CEO,...

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