Hillary and Julian Assange

  • by r2b2
  • July 31, 2016
  • cyber
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Just as Hillary Clinton thought she was getting over the hump of her email scrutiny, new news popHillary Clinton
s up regarding a twist involving Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.  Word has been spreading that Mr. Assange alleged he has information in his possession that would put Hillary Clinton in jail.  With all this talk of Russia possibly trying to influence the US elections because their supposed hacking of the DNC systems, now Mr. Assange might have a “Trump card” (every pun intended) in his possession. If true, Wow! Do you think Hillary or the DNC’s poor and inexcusable information security might now mean something to them? Even if he doesn’t have evidence of wrong doing on her, this type of broad threat would probably be enough to have some in the Hillary camp getting ready for damage control. Too bad they just didn’t take information security seriously. To learn more about Hillary’s latest problems read here.