Website Security – Is Your’s Secure?

We’ve all heard a lot about website security over the past years but is your site secure.

Wordfence website security

We always use WordPress for our websites because of the ease of use in updating content and posting blogs. But to my surprise, even the websites with the lowest amount of traffic get regular visitors from non customers and with all the hard work you’ve put into your website and company messaging, you obviously aren’t wanting any intruders.

The image to the right indicates a recent Daily Report that we receive from Wordfence (WordPress website security). This website gets less than 1000 visitors per month but look at the amount of times bots or people have tried to access the website.

By reviewing these reports, you’ll be able to block specific IP’s a range of IP’s and even countries if you don’t provide products or services overseas.

These numbers are actually a little low compared to some days where there has been a concerted effort to hit the site. On those days, there can be 100, 150, or more attempts to hit the site.

Also note where it says Top 10 Failed Logins. This area tracks when intruders attempt to log in to your account. It’s normally real people and not bots.. They normally use the user name associated with the blog posts along with the default password (admin). The most I’ve had in one day was three attempts.. I have it preset to lockout after two failed attempts.

So, for a login email, a good practice is to not use an email address associated with your company domain – use a gmail, yahoo or some other email for the registered users (especially the admins) and make sure you have a strong password. Wordfence can also generate a very strong password for you as well and that’s what I use.

So, what can you do to protect your website? Check out the Wordfence premium membership below to see their annual fees. Also note the number of licenses you can acquire for multiple websites. If you want to protect your website (highly recommended) then go to to purchase a license (or more for additional sites).

Hopefully, you found this helpful and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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