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Ridgeback is known for providing very effective and cost friendly recruiting solutions. In fact, we can probably provide outstanding results for less than 70% or your current recruiters compensation.

Some call us the “Talent Hunters” because we’re known to find that “Rock-star Talent” that’s a must when you build great teams.

At Ridgeback Business’ Solutions we help others practice SMART Recruiting”

How Do We Do It?

Simple – we follow a highly efficient 8 step process that allows us to focus in on the right people who are currently helping your competitors succeed.

The Ridgeback 8-Step Process

  1. Receive the position from the client and conduct an internal team meeting to discuss, the client needs, possible sources of prospects (competitors or other industries) as well as potential tactics and techniques to use.
  2. Conduct a kickoff meeting with the client to learn the details of theThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Ridgeback-Recruiting-8-STp-Cycle-Snip.png position, identify potential “hot points” to make sure we hit, as well as any other items that might not be found in the job description.
  3. Refine Job Description. Often after a kickoff meeting, the job description needs to be updated from the kickoff meeting guidance and feedback. This is an important step to ensure a properly targeted search takes place.
  4. Begin Sourcing the “right talent”. Our sourcing team takes the information gleaned from the job description and kickoff meeting to begin identifying the right talent for our recruiting team to approach.
  5. Reach out to Prospects. Once the prospect list has been built, the recruiting team conducts an initial screening to make sure the sourcing team was on target and then begins reaching out to the top candidates on the list.
  6. Qualify Prospects – The recruiter will verify the information found on the prospect and begin to make sure the prospect has the qualifications and skill sets identified by the client.
  7. Candidate Interviews – Once a prospect has been qualified, they become a candidate and receive much closer attention and contact. It’s during this step that our recruiting team begins to build rapport with the candidate and selling them on the client opportunity.
  8. Submit top candidates to our clients for review – After completing the first seven steps, the finest candidates will be submitted to the client for review. All candidates will be qualified, be willing to accept the client identified compensation, and will accept an offer.

We conduct private searches for industry leaders. Confidentiality is paramount when recruiting for premier industry leaders and we take pride in recruiting dependable talent for companies who fully appreciate the value of top talent.


  • We saved one client over $100,000 in fees when we recruited almost 30 emergency management professionals.
  • We recruited over 50 Leaders for a professional services company that were to be trained in the company’s Leadership Development Program.
  • We’ve successfully recruited 5G leadership for one client and then went on and also recruited a Senior DevOps leader for them as well.
  • E-commerce consultants for a top tier management consulting company.
  • We recruited multiple cleared government contractors to support a major government contract.
  • Chief of Staff for a Billionaire (an entrepreneur and owner of a professional sports team, and major sporting event forum)

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