Category: Crisis Management

How to Assess the COVID Impact on Your Business

"Decision making requires both the situational awareness to recognize the essence of a given problem and the creative ability to devise a practical solution" 1 How to Assess Your Company's Status So, COVID- 19 is here and what are you - a small business owner - supposed to do? First off, take a look at a post we wrote yesterday that addressed crisis management for times like these. Also, with so much negative news coming from all directions, it's...

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Find the Opportunity in this Crisis

Crisis Management It's clear we are on the front end of a very bad crisis and during times like this, I can't help but keep in mind how true the old saying is - "Your health is your wealth". Even though that's a very true statement, those of us who are small business owners are taking it on the chin as just about every corner of the world is shutting down in order to overcome the crisis at hand. While...

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