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Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Unlocking the Power of Differences Diversity powers success. Inclusive teams innovate. Learn more and find Diverse Team Advantages Strategies below. Moreover, promoting Diverse Team Advantages Strategies inclusivity in the workplace fosters a sense of belonging and respect, which not only improves Diverse Team Advantages Strategies employee satisfaction but also attracts and retains top talent. In this Diverse Team Advantages Strategies blog post, we will delve into the benefits of diverse teams and provide practical guidance Diverse Team Advantages Strategies on...

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Ambitious Vet Podcast

Recently, our CEO Tom Daly, was invited to speak on the Ambitious Vet Podcast. It was a great opportunity for Tom to speak on what he learned in 20 years of military service (4 years Air Force enlisted and 16 years as a Marine officer) in addition to the 20+ years of business experience he has had since. Below are the comments listed by the Ambitious Vet Podcast Intro - How do we leverage the tools that were ingrained in...

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The Value of Moral Courage

On a day of respect for one of America's most influential leaders, it's important to take Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s courageous words into action. Moral courage is an important trait for leaders to have - especially in our businesses. "The time is always right to do what is right." Getting ahead, whether it be monetarily or in competition, is one major way we see moral codes jeopardized. When aspiring to the top of your field, whether it be recruiting...

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5 Must Read Books on Leadership

Sometimes taking on another person's perspective and experiences are necessary to expand our mind. The greatest leaders not only surround themselves with noble men for this reason but also read to capture their reactions in difficult situations. After discussing this topic with a few successful veterans in business, we have composed a list of their favorite books that helped them grow as leaders. Books to Build your Leadership Skills 1. "Shackleton's Way" by Margot Morrell Sir Ernest Shackleton has been called "the greatest...

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Managing like a Coach

Oftentimes, Managers treat employees with more suspicion than supportiveness. Frustration comes easily in a position of power, especially when a Manager feels out of a control. But what would happen if every Manager believed in their employees like coaches do their athletes? In particular, the underdogs. Managing people and coaching them should share many similarities when seeking success. No matter if it is in an office or on a field, getting someone to perform at their peak takes more than simply...

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Bad Managers & Why Employees Quit

Why Employees Quit Why people leave great positions varies, of course, but the most agreed upon answer has Managers in the limelight. After researching thousands of employee anecdotes, the CEO of LinkedIn, Jeff Weiner, disclosed why the majority of people quit: they didn't like their Managers. He added that most employees who don't like their boss also don't have the support of their coworkers. Therefore, a lack of good leadership and belonging generates the desire to leave for a better...

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Identifying Leaders

Qualities vs. Qualifications Far too often in the hiring process, management only seeks out resumes of current leaders. Qualifications are necessary but don't always equate to the right person for a good office environment. If a resume can't distinguish the potential leaders from the toxic colleagues we want to avoid, how can we make sure we hire the right people? Look for qualities instead of just previous job titles. The Team vs the "Me" Mentality True leaders seek honesty and good...

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Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

A Requirement to Great Leadership A common saying is that “there is no emotion in business”. However, emotional intelligence separates average professionals from those with great leadership skills. Business Insider, along with exceptional business professionals, reports that leaders with high emotional intelligence communicate better, create understanding in the workplace, and help achieve common goals. Empathizing with employees and coworkers while maintaining a calm demeanor can help address conflicts before they intensify. [caption id="attachment_926" align="aligncenter" width="362"] Developing leadership skills starts with your emotional...

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Hiring for an Effective Company Culture

Hiring to Make the Right Culture Many elements contribute to a strong company culture. If hiring and retaining ideal employees was easy, then there would never be turnover or office miscommunications. Hopefully, these tips can help you generate the company culture you seek. Correctly Posting the Job Opening When a job opens, we often copy and paste the job description that has been used year after year, slap it on and move on with your day. Beta Gamma Sigma’s CEO,...

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Great Manufacturing / Supply Chain Leader

Can you or someone you know use a proven supply chain leader to help improve your organization? West Point Graduate - Grew his own start-up to a multi-million dollar organization - #IT #SupplyChain #ExIBM Please contact us if you know of an organization that would benefit from a leader with 20+ years of experience in the manufacturing and supply chain verticals. This proven leader is PMP Certified in addition to being a Lean Six Sigma Master BlackBelt. He has a...

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